The benefits of establishing development hub

There are multiple reasons why you should not spend time and energy in looking for tech talent in the high demanding cities in Germany and build your next development hub with us.

Huge talent pool

The lack of strong startup ecosystem is forcing the technical talent to work for outsource companies or to work in the remote development hubs of the digital companies. This is providing excellent access to high skilled talent for your development hub and adding your product in advance compared to classical outsourcing companies leaving almost no competition in direct-product involvement.

English as second and most important language

Many countries have English as second language and English is considered as must in many of them. In Macedonia, the language is taught in schools from 1st grade and it is integrated deeply in daily communication and lifestyle.


The Educational system is strong in an countries and mostly focused on Informatics and Mathematics.

Lower costs

Obviously, the last but not least is the cost. It is important part of any business and compared to western countries, the living and working cost is way lower.

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